For Body, Mind, and Love of Horses!

Good for building muscle strength, communication, confidence, and focus.

Our Program

Our program focuses on full care and knowledge of the horse for both student and parent.  Students help with grooming, learn parts of the tack, practice leading the horse, and are instructed on beginner-level riding skills.  We also discuss the nature of the horse and why we follow important safety procedures.  

The class is 30 minutes long.  Each student will have a horse leader and sidewalk (provided). Parents are encouraged to participate as sidewalkers for their child.  For the safety and quality instruction of our riders, classes are capped at 4 students.



2-5 years old.


$165 for 4 sessions.

Class Times

Friday: 11 AM 

Saturdays: 1:30 PM

We have several families interested in new class times. New classes will be added as interest demands.  Don't see the right time for you? Let us know!


Q: What does my child need for the class?

A: Heeled boots and a riding helmet.

Q: What level of participation is required of the parent/guardian?

A: Parent participation is highly-encouraged.  Many of our parents value their time both with our beautiful animals and their child.  If you cannot participate in grooming and side walking, please let us know and we will plan accordingly. Parents are responsible for the safety of their child while on-site before and after the class.  We ask parents to arrive at the kid's lounge and stay there with their child until the instructor invites the children to the barn to groom.

Q: What benefits are seen from riding at such a young age?

A: In our young riders we see increased confidence, communication, core strength, and focus.  For the horse-crazy kid who hopes to continue riding, the preschool years are a fantastic time to begin riding.  Our tots are much looser (in a good way!) in the saddle and develop a beautiful seat without the struggle of tension and fear that develops as we age.